Hujowa Górka

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Lecha 16, 12-200 Kraków, Poland
Political territory:
Hujowa Górka ([xuˈjɔ.va ˈɡurka]; sometimes Chujowa Górka) is a place near the site of Kraków-Płaszów concentration camp, where in April 1944 the Germans exhumed and incinerated the bodies of around ten thousand previously killed Jews, to hide the evidence of the crime before retreating from the area. The place took its name from the surname of Unterscharführer Albert Hujar (also Huyar) who committed and directed the executions. It is also a mockery of Hujar's surname, which is pronounced similarly to a vulgar Polish language expression for "penis" (its English equivalent is "dick"), hence the name is Polish for "Dick Hill".

Albert Hujar, who served in the Schutzstaffel (SS) Concentration Camp service, is portrayed in the 1993 drama Schindler's List by Norbert Weisser.

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