Marian Jurczyk

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Marian Jurczyk
Politician, Senator
Szczecin, Central Cemetery (pl)

Marian Jurczyk (16 October 1935 - 30 December 2014) is a Polish politician and Solidarity trade union activist.

He was a Senator in the Polish Senate from 1997 to 2000, and Mayor of Szczecin from 18 November 1998 to 24 January 2000. On 21 November 2002 he was again elected Mayor and served until 4 December 2006.

His achievements are however widely criticized and he is blamed for the compensation of (over 10 millions zlotys) which the city must pay for canceling the land selling deal, his lack of formal education, and his apparent cluelessness in many important matters. Jurczyk's famous errors include forgetting the name of the deputy he had just nominated or quoting Jesus in a speech to the council.

Because of this criticism recall voices of recall were raised. On 23 March 2004 the necessary 32,000 signatures were received by the Recall Committee. A Recall referendum took place on 23 May 2004. However the necessary 30% turnout wasn't reached as only 19% of voters cast their ballots, though an overwhelming majority of those voting (92%) supported the mayor's recall.



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        04.06.1989 | Polish legislative election 1989

        The Polish legislative election of 1989 was the tenth election to the Sejm, the parliament of the Polish People's Republic, and the first election to the recreated Senate of Poland. The first round took place on 4 June, right after the 1989 June 4th Beijing Tiananmen Square massacre in China, with a second round on 18 June. It was the closest thing to a free election in the country since 1928, and the first since the Communist Polish United Workers Party abandoned its monopoly of power in April.

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