Extraordinary Commission of Russia. Cheka

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Cheka (ЧК – чрезвычайная комиссия / chrezvychaynaya komissiya, Emergency Commission, NKVD, KGB, FSB) was the first of a succession of Soviet state security organizations.

It was created on December 20, 1917, after a decree issued by Vladimir Lenin, and was subsequently led by Felix Dzerzhinsky, a Polish aristocrat turned communist.

By late 1918, hundreds of Cheka committees had been created in various cities, at multiple levels including: oblast, guberniya ("Gubcheks"), raion, uyezd, and volost Chekas, with Raion and Volost Extraordinary Commissioners. Many thousands of dissidents, deserters, or other people were arrested, tortured or executed by various Cheka groups.

Chekist  Чекист '1992' Russian film 'Eng-Subs' (full)

 After 1922, Cheka groups underwent a series of reorganizations, with the NKVD, into bodies whose members continued to be referred to as "Chekisty" (Chekists) into the late 1980s.

From its founding, being the military and security arm of the Bolshevik communist party.

List of 2,7 millions of Soviet Communist party victims repressed through Cheka


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    Name Born / Since / At Died Languages
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    2Владимир ПирожковВладимир Пирожков28.07.192409.01.2009ru
    3Vladimir SemichastnyVladimir Semichastny15.01.192412.01.2001de, en, fr, pl, ru
    4Viktor ChebrikovViktor Chebrikov27.04.192301.07.1999de, en, lt, lv, pl, ru
    5Konon MolodyKonon Molody17.01.192209.09.1970en, fr, ru, ua
    Mihails Afoņins05.07.191816.07.1941lv
    7Yuri AndropovYuri Andropov15.06.191409.02.1984de, en, fr, lt, lv, pl, ru
    8Mikhail  RyuminMikhail Ryumin01.09.191322.07.1954en, lv, ru
    9Павел МешикПавел Мешик00.00.191023.12.1953ru
    10Petr KubatkinPetr Kubatkin00.11.190727.10.1950en, lv, ru
    11Pavel SudoplatovPavel Sudoplatov07.07.190724.09.1996de, en, fr, lv, pl, ru
    12Лев ВлодзимирскийЛев Влодзимирский10.01.190523.12.1953ru
    13Александр ВургафтАлександр Вургафт00.00.190502.11.1947ru
    14Isaj BergIsaj Berg00.00.190507.03.1939en, lv, ru
    15Сардион НадараяСардион Надарая00.00.1903ru
    16Pjotrs BurmaksPjotrs Burmaks06.05.190100.00.1973lv, ru
    17Сергей ГоглидзеСергей Гоглидзе00.00.190123.12.1953ru
    18Pēteris BlausPēteris Blaus23.08.190006.01.1971lv
    19Jānis VēversJānis Vēvers06.09.189928.10.1978lv, ru
    20Jakov VejnshtokJakov Vejnshtok00.00.189922.02.1939en, lv, ru