Antonio Leocadio Guzmán Blanco

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Antonio Leocadio
Військова людина, Масон, Політик, Президент
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Guzmán was born in Caracas as the son of Antonio Leocadio Guzmán, a Venezuelan journalist, politician as well as founder of the Liberal Party and Carlota Blanco Jerez de Aristeguieta

Military career and ambassador[edit]

He was banished by the administration of General Julián Castro, and accompanied General Juan Crisóstomo Falcón in his invasion of Venezuela, becoming his general secretary. After the final defeat of Falcón at the Battle of Coplé in September, 1860, Guzmán accompanied his chief in his flight, and was sent to the West Indies to solicit assistance. Toward the end of 1861 he landed again with Falcón on the coast of Coro, and after numerous engagements signed on 22 May 1863, the Treaty of Coche, by which arms were laid down, and a general assembly called at La Victoria, which elected Falcón president and Guzmán vice president. The latter was at the same time secretary of the treasury, and went to London to negotiate a loan.[citation needed]

In 1863, he served as Minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela.[citation needed]

On August 7,[citation needed] 1863, Guillermo Tell Villegas was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela (Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores)[clarification needed][3] when he temporarily assumed the role of Guzman during Guzman's absence.[3] Tell Villegas remained the 65th Minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela until January 21, 1864,[citation needed] when Guzman returned to the role to finish out his term.[citation needed]

Guzman was the Venezuelan ambassador to Spain from 1863 until 1866.[4]



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