Sri Paulissen

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An entire Indonesian family was killed in the attack: John Paulissen, his wife Yuli Hastini and two children, Martin Arjuna Paulissen, five and Sri Paulissen, three



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        Relation nameRelation typeBirth DateDeath dateDescription
        1John PaulissenJohn PaulissenFather00.00.196717.07.2014
        2Yuli HastiniYuli HastiniMother00.00.197017.07.2014
        3Martin Arjuna PaulissenMartin Arjuna PaulissenBrother00.00.200917.07.2014

        17.07.2014 | Malaysian Boeing 777 MH17 shot down

        According to Doneck terrorist leader Girkin (Strelkov) tweets, plane was hit down by his men. As it was announced before on 29/6/2014 terrorists occupied Ukrainian air defence unit near Ukraine border and have anti-air systems, including BUK (SA-11 Gadfly). Rocket was launched from cossacks' ataman Kozytsin positions. According to some experts, Russian aircraft with Russian tourists was expected to be shot down, to back further wide-scale Russian invasion in Ukraine after Crimea and East Ukraine

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