Valerian Kuybyshev

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Walerian Kuibyschew, Валериан Куйбышев, Valerians Kuibiševs, Валериан Владимирович Куйбышев
Bolshevik, Communist Party worker, Revolutionary
Kremlin Wall Necropolis

Valerian Vladimirovich Kuybyshev (Russian: Валериа́н Влади́мирович Ку́йбышев (6 June 1888  – 25 January 1935) was a Russian revolutionary, Red Army officer, and prominent Soviet politician.


Early life

Kuybyshev was born in Omsk in the Russian Empire on 6 June [O.S. 25 May] 1888. He studied at the Omsk Military Cadet School. He joined the Bolshevik faction of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party in 1904. The following year, he entered a military medical academy, but was expelled in 1906 for controversial political activities.

Revolutionary career

Between 1906-14 Kuybyshev performed subversive activities for the Bolsheviks throughout the Empire, for which he was exiled to Narym in Siberia where—together with Yakov Sverdlov—he set up a local Bolshevik organization. In May 1912 he fled and returned to Omsk, where he was arrested the next month, and imprisoned for a year. He was transferred to Tambov to live independently under police surveillance, but soon fled again, whereafter he spent 1913-14 encouraging civil unrest in the cities of St. Petersburg, Kharkov, and Vologda; relocated to Samara in 1917; and became President of the local soviet—a position he held at the time of the October Revolution and for the next year. During the Russian Civil War he chaired the revolutionary committee of Samara province and became a political commissar in the First and Fourth Red Armies.

Political career

In 1920 Kuybyshev was elected a member of Presidium of the Red International of Trade Unions, which charged him with the implementation of the GOELRO plan. From 6 July 1923 to 5 August 1926 he was the first economical inspector of the USSR. From 1926 to 1930 he chaired the Supreme Council of the National Economy, from 1930 to 1934 he directed Gosplan, and he served as a full member of the Politburo from 1934 until his death. As a principal economic advisor to Joseph Stalin, he was one of the most influential members in the Communist Party. He was awarded the Order of the Red Banner.

Kuybyshev officially died in Moscow on January 25, 1935 of heart failure and alcoholism, days after proposing an investigation of the Sergey Kirov case. At the height of the Great Purge, in 1938, his former wife and brother were executed under obscure charges.

As Bolshevik tradition had established, he was buried outside the Kremlin walls.

Personal life

Kuybyshev married twice, but never had any children. He was a practiced musician and poet. One of his wives was the niece of Yevgenia Bosch, Galina Aleksandrovna Troyanovskaya.


The city of Samara (the administrative city of the Samara Oblast, Russia), the town of Bolgar (in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia), and the town of Haghartsin, Armenia were all renamed Kuybyshev during the period between 1935 and 1991. The towns of Kuybyshev in Novosibirsk Oblast, Russia, and Kuybyshev, Armenia, still have his name.


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        Relation nameRelation typeBirth DateDeath dateDescription
        1Evgenija KoganEvgenija KoganWife06.06.188628.07.1938
        Галина КуйбышеваWife
        3Александр  ТрояновскийАлександр ТрояновскийFather in-law13.01.188223.06.1955
        4Елена  РозмировичЕлена РозмировичMother in-law10.03.188630.08.1953
        5Sergey  KirovSergey KirovCoworker27.03.188601.12.1934
        6Лазарь КагановичЛазарь КагановичCoworker22.11.189325.07.1991
        7Павел ПостышевПавел ПостышевCoworker18.09.188726.02.1939
        8Kliment  VoroshilovKliment VoroshilovCoworker23.01.188102.12.1969
        9Anastas MikoyanAnastas MikoyanCoworker25.11.189521.10.1978
        10Vlas ChubarVlas ChubarCoworker22.02.189126.02.1939
        11Joseph StalinJoseph StalinCoworker, Idea mate18.12.187805.03.1953
        12Stanislav KosiorStanislav KosiorCoworker18.02.188926.02.1939
        13Grigol OrdzhonikidzeGrigol OrdzhonikidzeCoworker24.10.188618.02.1937
        14Georgy ChicherinGeorgy ChicherinCoworker24.11.187207.07.1936
        15Анатолий ЛуначарскийАнатолий ЛуначарскийCoworker23.11.187526.12.1933
        16Vyacheslav MolotovVyacheslav MolotovCoworker09.03.189008.11.1986
        17Mikhail KalininMikhail KalininCoworker19.11.187503.06.1946
        18Lavrentiy BeriyaLavrentiy BeriyaCoworker29.03.189923.12.1953
        19Janis RudzutaksJanis RudzutaksCoworker15.08.188729.07.1938
        20Pyotr  OtsupPyotr OtsupFamiliar21.07.188323.01.1963
        21Karl  BaumanKarl BaumanPartymate29.08.189214.10.1937