Herbert J. Gilbert

Boy 1st Class Herbert J.Gilbert was "slightly"  wounded in Daugava river near Bolderaja, Riga, Latvia by attacking West Russian Army.


HMS Dragon (pennant number D46) , one of the fastest-built ships of the time, was laid down on 24 January 1917 in Glasgow.

She was launched on 29 December that year. However, it was not until 10 August 1918 she was finally commissioned at Harwich by the Royal Navy as HMS Dragon, commanded by Capt. A. H. Allington.

 Armed with six 6-inch guns, the light cruiser was commissioned too late to enter service during the World War I.

She carried HRH The Prince of Wales (the future King Edward VIII) to Canada in August 1919 to begin a Royal Tour.

She then took part in the Russian Civil War as part of a task force aiding independent Latvia and Estonia against the Bolsheviks and German forces in October and November 1919, as part of the British intervention in the Baltic.

On 17 October 1919 Dragon was hit by three shells fired from a shore battery while taking part in operations against Russia-German (West Russian Volunteer Army)  forces attacking Riga, suffering nine killed and five wounded.


  • Petty Officer John Stephen Stroud 
  • Able Seaman Charles W. Broad
  • Able Seaman Lewis T.E. Gillingwater
  • Able Seaman Percy J.Almond
  • Able Seaman George W.Lowe
  • Ord.Seaman James W.Sleath
  • Boy 1st class William R.H.Trett
  • Boy 1st class Alfred J.Payne

Ord.Seaman William Larn died later of his wounds.

 5 others  were wounded:

  • Sub Lieut.Leofric T Sims-Williams "Dangerously" wounded
  • Able Seaman Walter J. Norman "severely"
  • Able Seaman William J.Andrews "severely"
  • Boy 1st Class Herbert J.Gilbert "slightly"
  • Petty Officer John W.Pearce "very slightly"

On Saturday 18th October, Sub Lieut Williams and 3 of the wounded ratings were discharged to the "Princess Margaret".


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        1Charles W. BroadCharles W. BroadGenosse00.00.189617.10.1919
        2Percy James AlmondPercy James AlmondGenosse00.00.189617.10.1919
        John W. PearceGenosse
        4John Stephen StroudJohn Stephen StroudGenosse00.00.188117.10.1919
        Leofric T. Sims - WilliamsGenosse00.00.190000.00.1986

        08.10.1919 | Bermontiāde: Rietumkrievijas brīvprātīgo armija ielaužas Rīgā un ieņem visu Daugavas kreiso krastu

        Hinzufügen Speicher

        17.10.1919 | West-Russian army attacks HMS Dragon

        On 17 October in 1919, the British cruiser HMS Dragon which supported the Latvian army to protect Riga from West Russian Volunteer army was struck, and nine sailors lost their lives. Four were injured.

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