Nadezhda Alliluyeva

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Nadezhda Alliluyeva, Надежда Аллилуева, Nadežda Naģežda Allilujeva, Надежда Сергеевна Аллилуева, Nadezhda Sergeevna Alliluyeva
Могила Аллилуевых на Новодевичьем кладбище.
Novodevichy Cemetery

Nadezhda Sergeevna Alliluyeva (Russian: Наде́жда Серге́евна Аллилу́ева; 22 September 1901 – 9 November 1932) was the second wife of Joseph Stalin.

Early life

Nadezhda was the youngest child of Russian revolutionary Sergei Alliluyev, a railway worker, and his wife Olga, a woman of German and Georgian ancestry who spoke Russian with a strong accent.

Sergei Alliluyev, though Russian, had found work and a second home in the Caucasus. During Stalin's time of exile, the Alliluyev family was a source of assistance and refuge, and during 1917, Stalin lived from time to time in their apartment.

Joseph Stalin

Nadezhda first met Stalin as a child when her father, Sergei Alliluyev, sheltered him after one of his escapes from Siberian exile during 1911. She may have always been in love with the mysterious swarthy Georgian with the yellowish-colored eyes who saved her life from drowning when she was a child.

After the revolution, Nadezhda worked as a confidential code clerk in Lenin's office. She eschewed fancy dress, makeup, and other trappings that she felt un-befitting of a proper Bolshevik.

The couple married in 1919, when Stalin was already a 41-year-old widower and father of one son, born to his first wife, who died of typhus years earlier. Nadezhda and Joseph had two children together: Vasily, born in 1921, who became a fighter pilot (C.O. of 32 GIAP) at Stalingrad, and Svetlana, their daughter, born 1926.

According to her close friend, Polina Zhemchuzhina, the marriage was strained, and the two argued frequently. She also suffered from a mental illness, possibly bipolar disorder; Molotov recalled that she suffered from mood changes that made her seem like a "mad woman". While she was friendly with Vasily, she was not close to Svetlana, and was stern with both children.


After a public spat with Stalin at a party dinner, Nadezhda was found dead in her bedroom, a revolver by her side. Regardless, the official announcement was that Nadezhda died from appendicitis. Some claim the gun was found beside the hand she didn't use, apparently indicating a framed suicide; many in Russia allege that Stalin killed her himself.

Accounts of contemporaries and Stalin's letters indicate that he was much disturbed by the event.

Nadezhda Alliluyeva's and Stalin's daughter, Svetlana Alliluyeva, later escaped from the Soviet Union and defected to the United States, where she eventually published her autobiography, which included recollections of her parents and their relationship.

In popular culture

Alliluyeva was portrayed by Julia Ormond in the 1992 television film Stalin.

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        Relation nameRelation typeBirth DateDeath dateDescription
        1Sergejs AllilujevsSergejs AllilujevsFather07.10.186627.07.1945
        2Yakov DzhugashviliYakov DzhugashviliSon18.03.190714.04.1943
        3Vasily DzhugashviliVasily DzhugashviliSon21.03.192119.03.1962
        4Svetlana  AlliluyevaSvetlana AlliluyevaDaughter28.02.192622.11.2011
        5Anna RedensAnna RedensSister00.00.189600.00.1964
        Евгения АллилуеваSister
        7Joseph StalinJoseph StalinHusband18.12.187805.03.1953
        8Artem SergeevArtem SergeevFoster son05.03.192115.01.2008
        9Besarion  JughashviliBesarion JughashviliFather in-law00.00.185025.08.1909
        10Keke  GeladzeKeke GeladzeMother in-law00.00.185604.06.1937
        11William Wesley PetersWilliam Wesley PetersSon in-law12.06.191217.07.1991
        12Ivan  SvanidzeIvan SvanidzeSon in-law15.10.192703.08.1987
        13Yuri  ZhdanovYuri ZhdanovSon in-law20.08.191919.12.2006
        14Григорий   МорозовГригорий МорозовSon in-law00.00.192110.12.2001
        15Галина БурдонскаяГалина БурдонскаяDaughter in-law19.07.192124.07.1990
        16Екатерина ТимошенкоЕкатерина ТимошенкоDaughter in-law21.12.192312.06.1988
        Георгий ДжугашвилиBrother in-law00.00.187600.00.1876
        Михаил ДжугашвилиBrother in-law00.00.187500.00.1875
        19Stanislav RedensStanislav RedensBrother in-law17.05.189212.02.1940
        20Василий  СталинВасилий СталинGrandson30.09.194907.11.1972
        21Jevgēņijs DžugašviliJevgēņijs DžugašviliGrandson10.01.193622.12.2016
        22Joseph  AlliluyevJoseph AlliluyevGrandson22.05.194502.11.2008
        23Aleksandrs  BurdonskisAleksandrs BurdonskisGrandson14.10.194124.05.2017
        24Nadežda StaļinaNadežda StaļinaGranddaughter00.00.194300.00.1999
        25Галина ДжугашвилиГалина ДжугашвилиGranddaughter19.02.193827.08.2007
        26Светлана СталинаСветлана СталинаGranddaughter05.08.194716.01.1990
        27Avel EnukidzeAvel Enukidzedistant relative19.05.187730.10.1937
        28Мария СванидзеМария Сванидзеdistant relative00.00.189003.03.1942
        29Polina  ZhemchuzhinaPolina ZhemchuzhinaFriend28.02.189701.04.1970
        30Kliment  VoroshilovKliment VoroshilovFamiliar23.01.188102.12.1969
        31Нестор ЛакобаНестор ЛакобаFamiliar01.05.189328.12.1936
        32Надежда  Власик-МихайловаНадежда Власик-МихайловаFamiliar00.00.1935
        33Nikolai VlasikNikolai VlasikFamiliar22.05.189618.06.1967
        34Vladimir LeninVladimir LeninEmployee22.04.187021.01.1924
        35Nikita KhrushchevNikita KhrushchevStudymate15.04.189411.09.1971