Victoria Princess Royal

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Victoria Adelaide Mary Louisa
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королевская принцесса Виктория Аделаида Мария Луиза, Victoria Adelaide Mary Louise, Princess Royal, Empress Frederick (German: Kaiserin Friedrich).
Emperor, King
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Victoria, Princess Royal (Victoria Adelaide Mary Louisa; 21 November 1840 – 5 August 1901) was the eldest child of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and Prince Albert. She was created Princess Royal of the United Kingdom in 1841. She became German Empress and Queen of Prussia by marriage to German Emperor Frederick III. After her husband's death, she became widely known as Empress Frederick (German: Kaiserin Friedrich).


Early life

Victoria with her father, Albert

Princess Victoria was born on 21 November 1840 at Buckingham Palace, London. Her mother was Queen Victoria, the only child of George III's fourth eldest son, Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn andPrincess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld. Her father was Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. She was baptised in the Throne Room of Buckingham Palace on 10 February 1841 by the Archbishop of Canterbury, William Howley. Her godparents were her grand-aunt in law Queen Adelaide, her grand-uncle King Leopold I of Belgium, her paternal grandfather Ernst I, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (for whomThe Duke of Wellington, Tory Leader in the Lords, stood proxy), her maternal grand-uncle The Duke of Sussex, her maternal grand-aunt The Duchess of Gloucester and her maternal grandmother The Duchess of Kent.

As a daughter of the sovereign, Victoria was automatically a British princess with the style Her Royal Highness, styled HRH The Princess Victoria (and in addition being heiress presumptive to the throne of the United Kingdom before the birth of her younger brother Prince Albert, later Edward VII on 9 November 1841). In 1841, the Queen created Victoria Princess Royal, giving her an honorary title sometimes conferred on the eldest daughter of the sovereign. Victoria was then styled HRH The Princess Royal. To her family, she was known simply as "Vicky".

The education of Victoria was closely supervised by her parents. She was precocious and intelligent, unlike her brother Albert Edward. She was taught to read and write before the age of five by her governess Lady Lyttelton and to speak French by her French nursery maid. The Princess Royal learned French and German from various governesses, and science, literature, Latin, and history from Sara Ann Hildyard. Prince Albert tutored her in politics and philosophy.



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In 1851, Victoria met her future husband, Prince Frederick William of Prussia (18 October 1831 – 15 June 1888), when he and his parents were invited to London by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert to attend the opening of the Great Exhibition. At the time, Frederick, the son of Prince William of Prussia and Princess Augusta of Saxe-Weimar, was second in line to the Prussian throne (after his father). The couple became engaged in 1855 while Frederick was on a visit to Balmoral; Victoria was just fourteen, while her future husband was a young man of twenty-four.

The Prussian Court and Buckingham Palace publicly announced the engagement on 19 May 1857. Seventeen-year-old Victoria married Frederick, at Queen Victoria's insistence, at the Chapel Royal,St. James's Palace, on 25 January 1858. The marriage was both a love match and a dynastic alliance. The Queen and Prince Albert hoped that Victoria's marriage to the future king of Prussia would cement close ties between London and Berlin, and possibly lead to the emergence of a unified and liberal Germany. At the time of their wedding, Londoners chanted "God save the Prince and Bride! God keep their lands allied!" 


Crown Princess of Prussia

During the three Wars of German Unification – the 1864 Prussian-Danish War, the 1866 Austro-Prussian War, and the 1870–71 Franco-Prussian War – Victoria and Frederick strongly identified with the cause of Prussia and the North German Confederation. Their sympathies created a rift among Queen Victoria's extended family, since Victoria's younger brother, the Prince of Wales, was married to Princess Alexandra of Denmark, the elder daughter of Christian IX of Denmark, who was also reigning duke of the disputed territories of Schleswig and Holstein. At Versailles on 18 January 1871, the victorious princes of the North German Confederation proclaimed a German Empire with King William I of Prussia as the hereditary German Emperor (Deutscher Kaiser) with the style Imperial and Royal Majesty (Kaiserliche und Königliche Majestät); Frederick and Victoria became German Crown Prince and German Crown Princess with the style Imperial and Royal Highness (Kaiserliche und Königliche Hoheit).In January 1861, on the death of his childless uncle King Frederick William IV of Prussia and the accession of his father as King William I, Prince Frederick becameCrown Prince of Prussia, Victoria therefore became Crown Princess. The new Crown Prince and Crown Princess, however, were politically isolated; their liberal and Anglophile views clashing with the authoritarian rule of the Prussian minister-president, Otto von Bismarck. Unfortunately, despite their efforts to educate their son, Wilhelm, in British attitudes of democracy, he favoured his German tutors in aspiring to autocratic rule and thus became alienated from his parents, suspecting them of putting Britain's interests first. The couple had the use of the Crown Prince's Palace located in the heart of Berlin.


German Empress and Empress Frederick

British Royalty House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom (1837-1952).svg Descendants of Victoria & Albert Victoria, Princess Royal Edward VII Princess Alice Alfred, Duke of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha Princess Helena Princess Louise Arthur, Duke of Connaught Leopold, Duke of Albany Princess Beatrice
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On the death of his father on 9 March 1888, the Crown Prince ascended the throne as the Emperor Frederick III (and as King Frederick III of Prussia) and Victoria adopted the title and style of Her Imperial and Royal Majesty The German EmpressQueen of Prussia. Frederick, however, was terminally ill with throat cancer and died after reigning 99 days. From then on she was known simply as Her Imperial Majesty The Empress Frederick.

She was often known as Die Engländerin (the Englishwoman) due to her origins in the United Kingdom, even though her ancestry was almost entirely German. Indeed, she continued to speak English in her German household. Like her mother, she dressed in mourning clothing for the rest of her life.

The widowed Victoria lived in retirement at Castle Friedrichshof, a castle she had built in memory of her late husband in the hills near Kronberg not far from Frankfurt am Main. Politically, she remained a liberal in contrast with her son Emperor William II. Their relationship had earlier been difficult but improved once she was no longer in the limelight. In Berlin, Victoria established schools for the higher education of girls and for nurses' training. As a talented and gifted artist in her own right, she was a patron of the arts and learning, becoming one of the organizers of the 1872 Industrial Art Exhibition.

Throughout her married life and widowhood, Victoria kept in close touch with other members of the British Royal Family, particularly her younger brother, the future King Edward VII of the United Kingdom.

She maintained a regular correspondence with her mother. According to the Royal Encyclopaedia, some 3,777 letters from Queen Victoria to her eldest daughter have been catalogued, as well as more than 4,000 from daughter to mother. Many of her letters detailed her concern over Germany's future under her son. At her request – in which she made explicit her concern that the letters, which she had had sent back to herself at Kronberg, should not fall into the hands of her son William II and that he should not know what had happened to them – the letters were brought back to England in acloak-and-dagger operation by Frederick Ponsonby, her godson, the private secretary of Edward VII, who was making his (Edward's) final visit to his terminally ill sister in Kronberg for a week up to 1 March 1901. These letters were later edited by Ponsonby and put into context by his background commentary to form the book that was published in 1928.



Styles of Empress Frederick as consort Standard of Empress Frederick Reference style Her Imperial and Royal Majesty Spoken style Your Imperial and Royal Majesty Alternative style Ma'am

Victoria was diagnosed with inoperable breast cancer in 1899 during a visit to her mother at Balmoral. By the autumn of 1900, the cancer spread to her spine and after much suffering, she died at Castle Friedrichshof on 5 August 1901, less than seven months after the death of her mother, Queen Victoria. She was buried in the royal mausoleum of the Friedenskirche at Potsdam on 13 August 1901. Her tomb has a recumbent marble effigy of herself on top. Next to her lies her beloved husband. Two of her eight children, Sigismund (died age 2) and Waldemar (died age 11), are buried in the same mausoleum.



Portrayal in film and television

She has been portrayed in a number of film and television productions since her death. Perhaps the most notable was in 1975 when Felicity Kendalplayed Vicky in Edward the Seventh, including the scenes during her final months when the character was 60 years but Kendal was only in her 29th year. Other portrayals include Gemma Jones (Fall of Eagles, 1974) and Ruth Hellberg (Bismarck), 1940 as well as Catherine Punch (Bismarck, 1990). While she is portrayed as a naive English princess in the Bismarck films, the new German film Vicky - die vergessene Kaiserin ("The Forgotten Empress", in preproduction), tries to show her in a different light.


Titles and styles
  • 21 November 1840 – 19 January 1841:[8] Her Royal Highness The Princess Victoria
  • 19 January 1841 – 25 January 1858Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal
  • 25 January 1858 – 2 January 1861Her Royal Highness The Princess Frederick
  • 2 January 1861 – 18 January 1871Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess of Prussia
  • 18 January 1871 – 9 March 1888Her Imperial and Royal Highness The German Crown Princess,The Crown Princess of Prussia
  • 9 March 1888 – 15 June 1888Her Imperial and Royal Majesty The German Empress, The Queen of Prussia
  • 15 June 1888 – 5 August 1901Her Imperial Majesty The Empress Frederick


  • Dame of the Order of Louise
  • Royal Order of Victoria and Albert, First Class



With her style of Princess Royal, Victoria was granted use of the royal arms, as then used: with an escutcheon of the shield of Saxony, the whole differenced by a label argent of three points, the outer points bearing crosses gules, the central a rose gules.


Bundesarchiv Bild 183-R95251, Kaiser Wilhelm II..jpg Wilhelm II, German Emperor 27 January 1859 4 June 1941 married (1), 27 February 1881, Princess Auguste Viktoria of Schleswig-Holstein; died 1921; had issue (2), 9 November 1922, Princess Hermine Reuss of Greiz, no issue Laslo - Princess Charlotte of Saxe-Meiningen.jpg Princess Charlotte 24 July 1860 1 October 1919 married, 18 February 1878, Bernhard III, Duke of Saxe-Meiningen; had issue Prince Albert Wilhelm Heinrich of Prussia.jpg Prince Henry 14 August 1862 20 April 1929 married, 24 May 1888, his first cousin Princess Irene of Hesse and by Rhine; had issue Sigismund (1).jpg Prince Sigismund 15 September 1864 18 June 1866 died of meningitis at 21 months. First grandchild of Queen Victoria to die. Margit porosz királyi hercegnő.jpg Princess Victoria 12 April 1866 13 November 1929 married (1), 19 November 1890, Prince Adolf of Schaumburg-Lippe; he died 1916; no issue (2), 19 November 1927, Alexander Zoubkov; no issue Prince Waldemar of Prussia.jpg Prince Waldemar 10 February 1868 27 March 1879 died of diphtheria at age 11 Sophia of Prussia.jpg Princess Sophie 14 June 1870 13 January 1932 married, 27 October 1889, Constantine I, King of the Hellenes; had issue Margit of Prussia.jpg Princess Margaret 22 April 1872 22 January 1954 married, 25 January 1893, Prince Frederick Charles of Hesse; had issue


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        Relation nameRelation typeBirth DateDeath dateDescription
        1Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and GothaPrince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and GothaFather26.08.181914.12.1861
        2Queen VictoriaQueen VictoriaMother24.05.181922.01.1901
        3Wilhelm  IIWilhelm IISon27.01.185904.06.1941
        4Sophia of  PrussiaSophia of PrussiaSon14.06.187013.01.1932
        5Sophia of PrussiaSophia of PrussiaDaughter14.06.187013.01.1932
        6Edvards VIIEdvards VIIBrother09.11.184106.05.1910
        7Prince LeopoldPrince LeopoldBrother07.04.185328.03.1884
        8Alfrēds Edinburgas, Olsteras un Kentas, Saksen- Koburgas  un Gotas HercogsAlfrēds Edinburgas, Olsteras un Kentas, Saksen- Koburgas un Gotas HercogsBrother06.09.184431.07.1900
        9Артур Уильям Патрик, принц ВеликобританииАртур Уильям Патрик, принц ВеликобританииBrother01.05.185016.01.1942
        10Princess BeatricePrincess BeatriceBrother14.04.185726.10.1944
        11Принцесса ЛуизаПринцесса ЛуизаSister18.03.184803.12.1939
        12Beatrice Mary Victoria  FeodoreBeatrice Mary Victoria FeodoreSister14.04.185726.10.1944
        13Princess Alice Of the United KingdomPrincess Alice Of the United KingdomSister25.04.184314.12.1878
        14Елизавета ФёдоровнаЕлизавета ФёдоровнаSister01.11.186418.07.1918
        15Empress Alexandra  FeodorovnaEmpress Alexandra FeodorovnaSister06.06.187217.07.1918
        16Виктория Гессен-ДармштадтскаяВиктория Гессен-ДармштадтскаяSister05.04.186324.09.1950
        17Victoria  MelitaVictoria MelitaSister25.11.187602.03.1936
        18Frederick IIIFrederick IIIHusband18.10.183115.06.1888
        19Vladimir  RomanovVladimir RomanovNephew30.08.191721.04.1992
        20George  VGeorge VNephew03.06.186520.01.1936
        21Prince AlfredPrince AlfredNephew15.10.187406.02.1899
        22Prince Albert VictorPrince Albert VictorNephew08.01.186414.01.1892
        23Кира  РомановаКира РомановаNiece09.05.190908.09.1967
        24Alice von BattenbergAlice von BattenbergNiece25.02.188505.12.1969
        25Великая княжна Мария НиколаевнаВеликая княжна Мария НиколаевнаNiece26.06.189917.07.1918
        26Ольга  НиколаевнаОльга НиколаевнаNiece15.11.189517.07.1918
        27Anastasia RomanovaAnastasia RomanovaNiece18.06.190117.07.1918
        28Maud of WalesMaud of WalesNiece26.11.186920.11.1938
        29Татьяна РомановаТатьяна РомановаNiece10.06.189717.07.1918
        30Princess Victoria of the  United KingdomPrincess Victoria of the United KingdomNiece06.07.186803.12.1935
        31Princess AlicePrincess AliceNiece25.02.188303.01.1981
        32Marie of RomaniaMarie of RomaniaNiece29.10.187518.07.1938
        33Constantine I of GreeceConstantine I of GreeceSon in-law02.08.186811.01.1923
        34Alexandra Caroline Marie Charlotte Louise JuliaAlexandra Caroline Marie Charlotte Louise JuliaSister in-law01.12.184420.11.1925
        35Maria AlexandrovnaMaria AlexandrovnaSister in-law17.10.185324.10.1920
        36Луиза Маргарита ПрусскаяЛуиза Маргарита ПрусскаяSister in-law25.07.186014.03.1917
        37Princess Helena of Waldeck and PyrmontPrincess Helena of Waldeck and PyrmontSister in-law17.02.186101.09.1922
        38Сергей АлександровичСергей АлександровичBrother in-law11.05.185717.02.1905
        39Louis IVLouis IVBrother in-law12.09.183713.03.1892
        40Сэр Джон Дуглас Сатерленд КэмпбеллСэр Джон Дуглас Сатерленд КэмпбеллBrother in-law06.08.184502.05.1914
        41Сергей  РомановСергей РомановBrother in-law11.05.185717.02.1905
        42Prince Henry of BattenbergPrince Henry of BattenbergBrother in-law05.10.185820.01.1896
        43принц Генрих Баттенбергпринц Генрих БаттенбергBrother in-law05.10.185820.01.1896
        44Людвиг Александр БаттенбергЛюдвиг Александр БаттенбергBrother in-law24.05.185411.09.1921
        45Nikolajs II RomanovsNikolajs II RomanovsBrother in-law19.05.186817.07.1918
        46Ernest IErnest IGrandfather02.01.178429.01.1844
        47Edward  VIIIEdward VIIIGrandson23.06.189428.05.1972
        48Георг IIГеорг IIGrandson19.07.189001.04.1947
        49Prince PhilipPrince PhilipGrandson10.06.192109.04.2021
        50George VIGeorge VIGrandson14.12.189506.02.1952
        51Helen of Greece and DenmarkHelen of Greece and DenmarkGranddaughter02.05.189628.11.1982
        52Princess IrenePrincess IreneGranddaughter13.02.190415.04.1974
        53George IIIGeorge IIIGreat grandfather04.06.173829.01.1820
        54Prince AmedeoPrince AmedeoGreat grandson27.09.194301.06.2021
        55Frederick IX of DenmarkFrederick IX of DenmarkGreat grandson11.03.189914.01.1972
        56Prince Nikita  Nikitich RomanovPrince Nikita Nikitich RomanovGreat grandson13.05.192303.05.2007
        57Princess Margaret, Countess of SnowdonPrincess Margaret, Countess of SnowdonGreat granddaughter21.08.193009.02.2002
        58Elizabeth IIElizabeth IIGreat granddaughter21.04.192608.09.2022
        59Grand Duchess Elena VladimirovnaGrand Duchess Elena VladimirovnaCousin17.03.188213.03.1957
        60Кирилл ВладимировичКирилл ВладимировичCousin12.10.187612.10.1938
        61Всеволод  РомановВсеволод РомановCousin20.01.191418.06.1973
        62Mikhail Aleksandrovich RomanovMikhail Aleksandrovich RomanovCousin04.12.187813.06.1918
        63Ольга  РомановаОльга РомановаCousin13.06.188224.11.1960
        64Dmitri  PavlovichDmitri PavlovichCousin06.09.189105.03.1942
        65Vladimir  PaleyVladimir PaleyCousin09.01.189718.07.1918
        66Andrei  VladimirovichAndrei VladimirovichCousin02.05.187930.10.1956
        67Надежда  РомановаНадежда РомановаCousin15.03.189821.04.1988
        68Natalia PaleyNatalia PaleyCousin05.12.190527.12.1981
        69Великая княгиня Ксения АлександровнаВеликая княгиня Ксения АлександровнаCousin06.04.187520.04.1960
        70Boris  Wladimirowitsch RomanowBoris Wladimirowitsch RomanowCousin24.11.187709.11.1943
        71Grand Duchess Maria PavlovnaGrand Duchess Maria PavlovnaCousin18.04.189013.12.1958

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