Grand Duchess Elena Vladimirovna

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Елена Владимировна,
Extra names:
Grand Duchess Elena Vladimirovna of Russia, Helen, Helena,Helene, Ellen, Yelena, Hélène, or Eleni,
Knyaz (Prince, Duke)
Grand Ducal Burial Vault

Grand Duchess Elena Vladimirovna of Russia (17 January 1882 – 13 March 1957), sometimes known as HelenHelena,Helene, Ellen, Yelena, Hélène, or Eleni, was a Russian grand duchess as the only daughter and youngest child of Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich of Russia and Duchess Marie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

Her husband was Prince Nicholas of Greece and Denmark and paternal first cousin of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia.

Early life

Elena and her three surviving older brothers, Kirill, Boris, and Andrei, had an English nanny and spoke English as their first language. The young Elena had a temper and was sometimes out of control. When she posed for an artist at age four, she grabbed a paper knife and threatened her nurse, who hid behind the artist. "The little lady then transferred her attentions to me, her black eyes ablaze with fury," recalled the artist. Elena, raised by a mother who was highly conscious of her social status, was also considered snobbish by some. "Poor little thing, I feel sorry for her," wrote her mother's social rival, Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna, "for she is really quite sweet, but vain and pretty grandiose."


She was initially engaged to Prince Max of Baden, but Max backed out of the engagement. Elena's mother was furious and society gossiped about Elena's difficulty in finding a husband. At one point in 1899, the seventeen-year-old Elena was reputedly engaged to Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, however this came to nothing as he fell in love with Countess Sophie Chotek.[3] Prince Nicholas of Greece and Denmark, the third son of George I of Greece, first proposed in 1900, but Elena's mother was reluctant to allow her daughter to marry a younger son with no real fortune or prospects of inheriting a throne. She finally agreed to let Elena marry Nicholas, who was Elena's second cousin through his mother Olga Constantinovna of Russia and her father Vladimir Alexandrovich of Russia, in 1902 after it became clear that no other offers were on the horizon. The couple were married on 29 August 1902 in Tsarskoye Selo, Russia. The Dowager Empress wrote that Elena "has a very brusque and arrogant tone that can shock people" and expected trouble in the marriage. Elena's "grand manner" did irritate some people at the court, but her marriage was a happy one.

Prince and Princess Nicholas had three daughters:
  • Princess Olga of Greece and Denmark (1903–1997); later Princess Olga of Yugoslavia
  • Princess Elizabeth of Greece and Denmark (1904–1955); later Countess of Toerring-Jettenbach
  • Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark (1906–1968); later Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent.

Life in exile

The family was later affected by the turmoil of the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the subsequent turmoil in Greece, which became a republic and resulted in the family living in France for a time.

While living in France Grand Duchess Elena became deeply involved in charity work for Russian exiles, particularly children. Short of money due to their exile from Greece and the loss of their Russian income, Prince Nicholas and his family lived in reduced, but elegant, circumstances. Grand Duchess Elena's fabulous jewel collection, as well as Prince Nicholas' own artwork, were their sources of income.

Princess Olga of Greece married Prince Paul of Yugoslavia; Princess Elizabeth of Greece married Count Karl Theodor zu Toerring-Jettenbach, son of Duchess Sophie in Bavaria and scion of a rich Bavarian mediatized family; and Princess Marina of Greece married the Prince George, Duke of Kent in November 1934.

Grand Duchess Elena became a widow early in 1938, as Prince Nicholas suffered a heart attack and died suddenly. She remained in Greece throughout the Second World War, dying there in 1957. She bequeathed her personal library to the Anavryta School.

Titles and styles

  • 17 January 1882 – 29 August 1902: Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess Elena Vladimirovna of Russia.
  • 29 August 1902 - 13 March 1957: Her Imperial and Royal Highness Princess Nicholas of Greece and Denmark


  • Dame Grand Cross of the Order of Saint Catherine.
  • Dame Grand Cross of the Order of Saints Olga and Sophia.

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        Relation nameRelation typeBirth DateDeath dateDescription
        1Владимир АлександровичВладимир АлександровичFather10.04.184704.02.1909
        2Maria  PavlovnaMaria PavlovnaMother14.05.185406.09.1920
        3Princess Marina  of Greece and DenmarkPrincess Marina of Greece and DenmarkDaughter13.12.190627.08.1968
        4Princess Elizabeth of  Greece and DenmarkPrincess Elizabeth of Greece and DenmarkDaughter24.05.190411.01.1955
        5Andrei  VladimirovichAndrei VladimirovichBrother02.05.187930.10.1956
        6Boris  Wladimirowitsch RomanowBoris Wladimirowitsch RomanowBrother24.11.187709.11.1943
        7Кирилл ВладимировичКирилл ВладимировичBrother12.10.187612.10.1938
        8Prince Nicholas of  Greece and DenmarkPrince Nicholas of Greece and DenmarkHusband, Uncle22.01.187208.02.1938
        9Александр ИскандерАлександр ИскандерUncle15.11.188726.01.1957
        10Сергей АлександровичСергей АлександровичUncle11.05.185717.02.1905
        11Сергей  РомановСергей РомановUncle11.05.185717.02.1905
        12Prince Ioann  Konstantinovich of RussiaPrince Ioann Konstantinovich of RussiaUncle05.07.188618.07.1918
        13Alexander IIIAlexander IIIUncle10.03.184501.11.1894
        14Paul  AlexandrovichPaul AlexandrovichUncle03.10.186030.01.1919
        15Великий князь Пётр НиколаевичВеликий князь Пётр НиколаевичUncle10.01.186417.06.1931
        16Великий Князь Георгий МихайловичВеликий Князь Георгий МихайловичUncle23.08.186330.01.1919
        17Constantine I of GreeceConstantine I of GreeceUncle02.08.186811.01.1923
        18Louis IVLouis IVUncle12.09.183713.03.1892
        19Maria AlexandrovnaMaria AlexandrovnaAunt17.10.185324.10.1920
        20Alexandra  GeorgievnaAlexandra GeorgievnaAunt30.08.187024.09.1891
        21Lennart  BernadotteLennart BernadotteNephew08.05.190921.12.2004
        22Vladimir  RomanovVladimir RomanovNephew30.08.191721.04.1992
        23князь Николай  Романовкнязь Николай РомановNephew00.00.192215.09.2014
        24Дмитрий  РомановДмитрий РомановNephew17.05.192631.12.2016
        25Кира  РомановаКира РомановаNiece09.05.190908.09.1967
        26Великая княжна Мария НиколаевнаВеликая княжна Мария НиколаевнаNiece26.06.189917.07.1918
        27Татьяна РомановаТатьяна РомановаNiece10.06.189717.07.1918
        28Irina Alexandrovna of RussiaIrina Alexandrovna of RussiaNiece03.07.189526.02.1970
        29Anastasia RomanovaAnastasia RomanovaNiece18.06.190117.07.1918
        30Ольга  НиколаевнаОльга НиколаевнаNiece15.11.189517.07.1918
        31George IGeorge IFather in-law24.12.184518.03.1913
        32Olga  Constantinovna of RussiaOlga Constantinovna of RussiaMother in-law03.09.185118.06.1926
        33Prince George Duke of KentPrince George Duke of KentSon in-law20.12.190225.08.1942
        34Зинаида РашевскаяЗинаида РашевскаяSister in-law03.11.189630.11.1963
        35Princess Maria of Greece and DenmarkPrincess Maria of Greece and DenmarkSister in-law03.03.187614.12.1940
        36Mathilde  KschessinskaMathilde KschessinskaSister in-law31.08.187206.12.1971
        37Prince Andrew of  Greece and DenmarkPrince Andrew of Greece and DenmarkBrother in-law02.02.188203.12.1944
        38Prince Christopher  of Greece and DenmarkPrince Christopher of Greece and DenmarkBrother in-law10.08.188821.01.1940
        39Константин КонстантиновичКонстантин КонстантиновичGrandfather10.08.185802.06.1915
        40Alexander IIAlexander IIGrandfather29.04.181813.03.1881
        41Николай СтаршийНиколай СтаршийGrandfather27.07.183113.04.1891
        42Maria  AlexandrovnaMaria AlexandrovnaGrandmother08.08.182403.06.1880
        43Duchess Alexandra  Petrovna of OldenburgDuchess Alexandra Petrovna of OldenburgGrandmother02.06.183825.04.1900
        44Elisabeth  of Saxe-AltenburgElisabeth of Saxe-AltenburgGrandmother25.01.186524.03.1927
        45George VIGeorge VIGrandson14.12.189506.02.1952
        46Edward  VIIIEdward VIIIGrandson23.06.189428.05.1972
        47Михаил НиколаевичМихаил НиколаевичGreat grandfather25.10.183218.12.1909
        48Nicholas I of RussiaNicholas I of RussiaGreat grandfather06.07.179618.02.1855
        49Мориц Саксен-АльтенбургскийМориц Саксен-АльтенбургскийGreat grandfather24.10.182913.05.1907
        50Louis II Hesse, Grand DukeLouis II Hesse, Grand DukeGreat grandfather26.12.177716.06.1848
        51Duke Peter  Georgievich of OldenburgDuke Peter Georgievich of OldenburgGreat grandfather26.08.181214.05.1881
        52Charles FrederickCharles FrederickGreat grandfather02.02.178308.07.1853
        53Konstantin NikolayevichKonstantin NikolayevichGreat grandfather21.09.182725.01.1892
        54Михаил ПавловичМихаил ПавловичGreat grandfather08.02.179828.08.1849
        55Alexander  Württemberg, DukeAlexander Württemberg, DukeGreat grandfather09.09.180404.07.1885
        56Елена ПавловнаЕлена ПавловнаGreat grandmother28.12.180621.01.1873
        57Princess Theresa  of Nassau-WeilburgPrincess Theresa of Nassau-WeilburgGreat grandmother17.04.181508.12.1871
        58Александра ИосифовнаАлександра ИосифовнаGreat grandmother08.07.183006.07.1911
        59Maria  PavlovnaMaria PavlovnaGreat grandmother04.02.178611.06.1859
        60Александра ФёдоровнаАлександра ФёдоровнаGreat grandmother13.07.179801.11.1860
        61Olga  FeodorovnaOlga FeodorovnaGreat grandmother20.09.183912.04.1891
        62Wilhelmine   Baden, PrincessWilhelmine Baden, PrincessGreat grandmother21.09.178827.01.1836
        63Prince Nikita  Nikitich RomanovPrince Nikita Nikitich RomanovGreat grandson13.05.192303.05.2007
        64Frederick IX of DenmarkFrederick IX of DenmarkGreat grandson11.03.189914.01.1972
        65Princess Margaret, Countess of SnowdonPrincess Margaret, Countess of SnowdonGreat granddaughter21.08.193009.02.2002
        66Elizabeth IIElizabeth IIGreat granddaughter21.04.192608.09.2022
        67Nikolajs II RomanovsNikolajs II RomanovsCousin19.05.186817.07.1918
        68Артур Уильям Патрик, принц ВеликобританииАртур Уильям Патрик, принц ВеликобританииCousin01.05.185016.01.1942
        69Alfrēds Edinburgas, Olsteras un Kentas, Saksen- Koburgas  un Gotas HercogsAlfrēds Edinburgas, Olsteras un Kentas, Saksen- Koburgas un Gotas HercogsCousin06.09.184431.07.1900
        70Принцесса ЛуизаПринцесса ЛуизаCousin18.03.184803.12.1939
        71Empress Alexandra  FeodorovnaEmpress Alexandra FeodorovnaCousin06.06.187217.07.1918
        72Vladimir  PaleyVladimir PaleyCousin09.01.189718.07.1918
        73Princess BeatricePrincess BeatriceCousin14.04.185726.10.1944
        74Prince Vasili AlexandrovichPrince Vasili AlexandrovichCousin07.07.190724.06.1989
        75Natalia PaleyNatalia PaleyCousin05.12.190527.12.1981
        76Великая княгиня Ксения АлександровнаВеликая княгиня Ксения АлександровнаCousin06.04.187520.04.1960
        77Князь Никита АлександровичКнязь Никита АлександровичCousin16.01.190012.09.1974
        78Князь Роман ПетровичКнязь Роман ПетровичCousin17.10.189623.10.1978
        79Надежда  РомановаНадежда РомановаCousin15.03.189821.04.1988
        80Victoria Princess RoyalVictoria Princess RoyalCousin21.11.184005.08.1901
        81Princess IrenePrincess IreneCousin13.02.190415.04.1974
        82Князь Андрей АлександровичКнязь Андрей АлександровичCousin24.01.189708.05.1981
        83Princess Catherine IvanovnaPrincess Catherine IvanovnaCousin25.07.191513.03.2007
        84Ольга  РомановаОльга РомановаCousin13.06.188224.11.1960
        85Dmitri  PavlovichDmitri PavlovichCousin06.09.189105.03.1942
        86Mikhail Aleksandrovich RomanovMikhail Aleksandrovich RomanovCousin04.12.187813.06.1918
        87Виктория Гессен-ДармштадтскаяВиктория Гессен-ДармштадтскаяCousin05.04.186324.09.1950
        88Marie of RomaniaMarie of RomaniaCousin29.10.187518.07.1938
        89Prince LeopoldPrince LeopoldCousin07.04.185328.03.1884
        90Георг IIГеорг IICousin19.07.189001.04.1947
        91Edvards VIIEdvards VIICousin09.11.184106.05.1910
        92Ростислав АлександровичРостислав АлександровичCousin24.11.190231.07.1978
        93Princess Alice Of the United KingdomPrincess Alice Of the United KingdomCousin25.04.184314.12.1878
        94Grand Duchess Maria PavlovnaGrand Duchess Maria PavlovnaCousin18.04.189013.12.1958
        95Prince AlfredPrince AlfredCousin15.10.187406.02.1899
        96Natālija AndrosovaNatālija AndrosovaCousin23.02.191725.07.1999
        97Helen of Greece and DenmarkHelen of Greece and DenmarkCousin02.05.189628.11.1982
        98Кирилл  АндросовКирилл АндросовCousin05.12.191507.02.1992
        99Князь Дмитрий АлександровичКнязь Дмитрий АлександровичCousin15.08.190107.07.1980
        100Петр  ОльденбургскийПетр ОльденбургскийCousin21.11.186811.03.1924
        101Princess Xenia  Georgievna of RussiaPrincess Xenia Georgievna of RussiaCousin22.08.190317.09.1965
        102Всеволод  РомановВсеволод РомановCousin20.01.191418.06.1973
        103Princess Nina GeorgievnaPrincess Nina GeorgievnaCousin20.06.190127.02.1974
        104Марина  РомановаМарина РомановаCousin11.03.189215.05.1981

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